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Library Internet Filtering

Frankly, I think the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in the Children's Internet Protection Act case was wrong.
It is virtually always wrong to censor information, especially in a library. But that is how the law in the United States stands at the moment and if a library accepts federal funding it must install internet filtering technology on all of its internet enabled computers.

This website is about a particular internet filtering product IF 2K and its application to libraries.

This product is flexible, publishes its block list, is reasonably priced and it can be configured to meet library's particular requirements.

It is not a perfect solution but it is inexpensive and, with librarians' input, the least obnoxious filtering solution on the market.

Jay Currie

Monday, May 31, 2004

Porn, More Porn than you can imagine

My friend and this blogs' semi-sponsorBob Turner has finally decided to call the anti-filtering crowd's bluff.

In the course of writing about internet filtering there has been a huge argument about the "tranparency" of the block lists. Basically, many filtering companies keep their block lists encrypted. This means libraries, inter alia, have no real idea of what is being blocked when they buy a filter. Not so IF2K, Bob's filter.

But the anti-filter activists and the librarians simply don't want to know so Bob has gone a step further in the quest for transparency. He has posted his porn block list with live links to the sites.

Now this may very well be the most boring bit of pornography you will ever see. It is a list of the URLs (which are linked) for every site Bob's filter blocks. But it also makes the point that there is a lot of the stuff out there and it is possible to disclose the list and still filter.

You can find the site here http://research.internetfilter.com/research.php. It is safe for work but not one of the links is.

(You can read Bob's own take on filtering here.)

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

XXX bad

www.xxxchurch.com is an anti porn site. But the clever folks at Cyberpatrol block it anyway. Once that porn spider or keyword engine sees three "X" in a row it just know the site has to be bad.


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